Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Finally - this blog has arrived... after a considerable amount of knee-storming (which some people refer to as brain storming) and some differences in opinion (this is what MBA is all about) - some most vella people (including moi) of PG04 batch decided to create this weBLOG - the (un)official one for MDI, Gurgaon

Anyways, welcome to the unfolding of the history and the present in the future.

See you all around!


Gordon DSouza said...

tum log sacchi mein vele ho!

Narendra said...

HEY its nice see this (un)official blog. but believe me ther's nothing official about it(blogging).

lots of corporates are coming up with their own blogs and emplyees are being motivated to contribute to those blogs. lots of strategic issues are being discussed and what not.

So I would take the pleasure to welcome all the students of MDI in blogging world.