Friday, November 03, 2006

Delphique 2006

Delphique - The annual national management convention has been organized on 4th and 5th November, 2006. The idea of Delphique is to invite eminent people from industry and present them with the findings of an extensive original research carried out by MDI students. These speakers then brainstorm and try to give a glimpse of real life to participants.

An indicative list of speakers (subject to confirmation) is as follows ...

Strategy Panel
Theme: System V/S Entrepreneurship Based Strategy
Moderator - Prof. A. Sahay, Professor, MDI
Prof Subash K Bijlani, Professor of Practice, University of Maryland, University College
Mr. Saurabh Srivastava, President, TiE Delhi
Mr. Rahul Goswami, Head Strategic Planning & CIO, Ranbaxy
Mr. Kiran Deshmukh, CEO, Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd.

Finance Panel
Theme: A Developed Commodity Market In India: The Implications
Moderator - Mrs. Mythilli Bhusnurmath, Editor, Financial Express
Mr. Arun Kaul, GM, PNB
Mr. P.H. Ravikumar, CEO, NCDEX
Mr. Yeong-Ho Woo, President Future Market, Korea Exchange
Mr. S Sundereshan, Chairman FMC

Information Management Panel
Theme: Measuring IT Business Value
Moderator - Prof Dhruvnath, Professor, MDI
Mr. Anuj Jain, Partner, IBM Business Consulting
Mr. Shivram Sethuram, Director - Management Consulting, Deloitte Consulting
Mr. Rohit Sehgal, Associate Partner, Accenture

Communication Panel
Theme: Reputation Matters
Moderator - Prof. Ashok Kapoor, Dean, MDI
Mr. Paresh Choudhry, Head-Corporate Communications, HLL
Mr. Deepak Mukerji, Country Head, Corporate & External Affairs, Shell
Ms. Meena Vaidyanathan, Director, Corporate Communications, Honeywell
Mr. Indraneel Ganguli, VP-Corporate Communications, Satyam

Operation Panel
Theme: Innovations and Innovation Outsourcing
Moderator- Prof. Akhilesh Kumar, Professor, MDI
Mr. Salil Agrawal , Country Head , IT & ITES Eicher Consulting
Mr. J V Ramamurthy, Director, Operations HCL
Mr. P S Easwaran, Head Lean Manufacturing Systems, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt Ltd
Ms Richa Arora, Head Innovation & Marketing, Brittania India Ltd

HR Panel
Theme: Diversity Management: A Temporary Fad or a Strategic Challenge?
Moderator - Prof. Asha Bhandarkar, Chairperson-PGHR, MDI
Mr. R. Raghuram, Director, HR, India & High Growth Market, Motorola
Mr. Yashwant Mahadik, VP , HR, Johnson & Johnson Medical India
Mr. Madan Srinivasan, VP, Organizational Capability, Pepsi Co India (FritoLay Division)
Mr. M. S. Venkatesh, Director - HR Ops & Admin, Coca-cola , India

Marketing Panel
Theme: Marketing To the Post-Liberalization Generation
Moderator - Prof. Vinod Kalia, Professor, MDI
Mr. Subodh Vardhan, Director- Sales & Business Head, Government & Enterprise Sector, Motorola
Mr. Saurabh Gupta , Director, Operations, Pepsico
Mr. Vijay Raghunathan, Head- Credit Card India, American Express

Monday, September 04, 2006

Itna sannata kyon hai Bhai ?

Hangal Uncle's words are quite apt for this page.

I just read the 'About' section of the webpage and it says 'We talk about life before, at and after MDI'. That's a lotta promises to end up in 5 posts in 3 months ... 2 of which are teasers :)

Anywayz ... I shall give an update on what's happening in MDI right now.

1. The 4th term for the PG05 batch are over and some 35 odd students (i could be wrong ...) have left on a crusade to woo the corporates to come to campus ... also known in popular terminology as Presentation week.

2. An unprecendented number (close to 55) of students are going on exchange this year. The newest addition this year being a university in the US (yes ... finally) which is apparently ranked somewhere in the top 20.

3. Sharma ji has finally taken a bow and given way to Arcus (mmmmm... the rolls :)). After a gripping video sent to the batch of a green worm wriggling out of a burger, our dean sir decided that if we had to eat non veg after all, why not wrap it up in a roll!! Now the students enjoy the mutton and chicken rolls with maggi and the works right in the parking lot !

4. Change in management of the hostel - The new management took over from Mohan and the first thing they implemented was fogging of the hostels a zillion times over. Ofcourse, even after the fogging, atleast 10 students fell prey to a mysterious insect bite which leaves wounds as big as a palm.

5. The doctor on campus thereafter decided to experiment on all these victims by prescribing different medicines and ointments to all. The report is expected in the 'Journal of Illegal Practices' very soon.

6. I'm going to Poland :)

More updates later

P.S. - I hope the other contributors on this page are still alive !

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Finally - this blog has arrived... after a considerable amount of knee-storming (which some people refer to as brain storming) and some differences in opinion (this is what MBA is all about) - some most vella people (including moi) of PG04 batch decided to create this weBLOG - the (un)official one for MDI, Gurgaon

Anyways, welcome to the unfolding of the history and the present in the future.

See you all around!

Monday, April 17, 2006